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The reasons winter is the worst time for your garage door

The coming winter will increase the heating bill of your house and take a toll on the other home parts and appliances. One of such is your garage door. We, as homeowners, take for granted that the garage door would work perfectly always. However, it is not so and when it stops functioning; we understand how important it is to us. During winter, many things can go wrong with the door and we at Maryland Garage Door remain ever prepared to offer the best garage door repair in Germantown, MD, to let you have relief from those garage door issues.

Let us see the problems that you can face with the garage door during winter. As you face any such situation, do call us instead of trying DIY. Undertaking a DIY venture to solve garage door issues will, instead of giving relief, aggravate it. So, please do not push yourself but depend on our professional repair and maintenance personnel.

Contracting metals

Metals contract during cold weather. The garage door tracks are made of metal and they do contract during winters. The contracting tracks make it difficult to move the garage door. In such situations, instead of trying hard to push the door on the contracted tracks, it is best to try keeping the garage warm. The best way is to call professionals like us and have a proper adjustment of the tracks for the garage door’s proper functioning.

Broken spring

During all weather conditions, broken spring is a common problem with garage doors. However, this problem is more prevalent during the winters. The reason for this issue to be more prevalent during wither is that the cold temperature makes the metal harder and more breakable. If the garage door’s springs are old, then it is for sure you will face this problem coming winter. The only way out is to replace the spring. As always, DIY garage door repairs are dangerous and costly. So, depend on us to have the spring replaced and have a fully functional garage door this winter.

Frozen door

It is not that a broken spring is the only cause of a garage door not opening in winter. It may be that a frozen threshold is the cause of a non-opening garage door. It may so happen that the precipitation has entered the weatherstrip of the garage door and frozen there.

It is not that we always say that you need to call us for any garage door issue. Our main objective is that all Germantown MD residents need to have a fully functional garage door this winter. So, we share this advice with you. You can quickly solve this issue yourself and it is safe to do so. You can pour warm water into the frozen area and effectively solve the problem.

Issues with remote

You may face some issues with remotes during winter. You need to change the batteries; however, this is not a winter issue. The winter issue is that you may have a remote problem even after changing the batteries as moisture can develop in the battery contacts. It would be best if you cleaned the contacts properly so that the remote works properly.

We hope that with our services, you have a winter this year without having garage door problems.

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