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Common garage repairs that need professional support

The garage door on your home was always overlooked so long it is functioning well. When you notice the door malfunction or any mechanical components are not performing as it should be, then you must need a professional garage door technician to come and fix your door. There are several working parts and components that combine to form the entire garage door system. When it comes to the garage door’s components, most people cannot be very clear. It can be segregated into three specific categories, like the door itself, hardware components, and weather-stripping.

You probably have some understanding over the garage door hardware parts like Lifting Cables, Springs, Hinges, Door Rollers, Door Tracks, Garage Door Openers. Let’s discuss some of the more common problems and how we handle such things.

Broken springs: Garage door springs are the primary hardware part designed to open and close the door. It is always under heavy tension, and eventually, it will break and make a loud noise, almost like a firework. Attempting to handle the spring can be very dangerous as it could knock the door off its tracks or cause personal injuries if it snaps off. Do not try to open it yourself! Call and schedule a garage door repair service immediately with our team. We have expertise, skill, and experience to handle things in a few minutes.

Broken cables: Cables can break due to normal wear and tear or break as the spring breaks. The broken cable leads to the sagging of the door on the alternate side. You may judge it while one side of the garage door was slightly angled and lower on one side as it opens or closes. It may fall as soon as you lift it, which can be hazardous as well.

Sticking rollers: The rollers on the door that spin and turn may stop working due to wear, tear, or some obstacle comes in its way. Sometime it may come off the track or make noise. We will replace the roller, clean the track, and lubricate it to bring its functioning smoothly.

The door closes and reopens: It happens due to the garage door opener that needs to be adjusted. We set the limit of the garage door opener, which controls the open and close functions. Another reason for this type of problem is if something is in front of the door sensors. It senses anything in its way, stops the door, and reverses automatically.

The opener runs, but the door may not Move: In this case, we ensure to disconnect the cord, and then you will need to reattach the door to the automatic opener’s lift arm. We check to ensure the door is not locked as well.

The door opens but won’t close: It happens due to sensor issues. Our technician cleans the sensor and realigns it to run it correctly.

The door sticks or stops: Sticking doors are quite common and happen due to a lack of proper lubrication on moving mechanical parts. It could also cause due to the wrong alignment of the opener and sensor.

The remote doesn’t work: If the garage door opener remote is not working, check to see if you can open the door using the garage switch. It also happens due to damage in the battery or circuits or chips inside it. If the remote still doesn’t work, it may need to be realigned with the opener or replaced.

As you can see, there can be several reasons for the malfunction of garage doors. If your garage door is not working correctly, please contact us at (877) 450- 0876 today!

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